Juwel Filtergrid


The Juwel FilterGrid prevents very small shrimp and fish from entering the Juwel Bioflow Filter. Fits on Bioflow Super, M, L and XL

Juwel Conexo power adhesive 80 ml black


Juwel Conexo is an extremely effective glue, particularly for permanently attaching plastics to glass. Conexo can also be used on a wet background and even underwater.

Juwel poster 3


Poster 3 Black & White impressively highlights the individual décor of your aquarium. Both of the black and white motifs create a special depth effect and offer an interesting contrast to fish and plants. Available in 3 sizes.

Juwel Eccoskim


The Juwel EccoSkim combines the benefits of a surface skimmer with a compact design and powerful adjustable surface-skimming capacities. With a performance of 300 l/h at a consumption of only 4.4 W, the Juwel EccoSkim guarantees effective surface skimming

Juwel posterfix


Juwel PosterFix is an oil that will enhance the three-dimensional effect of your film backgrounds. It prevents unattractive light refraction, thus increasing the colours and structure of your motif to great effect. The poster can be easily removed.

Juwel Phorax


Juwel Phorax is a highly effective filter medium used to break down phosphates in your aquarium. This effectively reduces the growth of algae and can contribute to improved plant growth.

Juwel Biopad Poly Pad


Juwel Poly pad is used to catch coarse particles of dirt in the water. Comes in 4 sizes, in packages with 5 pcs.

Juwel Nitrax


Juwel Nitrax reduces nitrate levels in your aquarium, leading to a considerable reduction in algae growth. Available in 3 sizes. Content: 1 piece.

Juwel Biocarb Carbon Spone


Juwel Carbon Sponges absorb odour compounds and turbidity as well as toxic compounds in your aquarium, leaving the water crystal clear. Available in 4 sizes. Content: 2 pieces in each package.

Juwel easyfeed


The Juwel automatic feeder is the perfect addition to your aquarium. Every Juwel aquarium is already equipped for the easy assembly of this automatic feeder, making it ready for use immediately.

Juwel Cirax


Cirax is a biological filter medium which creates the perfect colonisation conditions for useful bacteria, due to its large, highly porous surface.

Juwel poster 4


Poster 4 Rock & AquaScape impressively highlights the individual décor of your aquarium.
The modern AquaScape design on the one side and the impressive rock structure on the other side leave nothing to be desired in the design of an individual underwater

Juwel Amorax


Juwel Amorax is a highly efficient filter medium made of natural Zeolite. It quickly and effectively binds ammonium, thereby preventing the formation of ammonia and promotes the vitality of your fish.

Juwel poster 1


With its underwater landscape on the front and rock theme on the back, Poster 1 gives you two attractive themes so that you can design your aquarium as you wish. Available in 3 sizes.

Juwel Carbax


The excellent absorption properties of Carbax enduringly and quickly bind discolorations, odours and toxic substances and ensure crystal-clear water.

Juwel Pump adapter

€8,95 €4,50

For Juwel pumps 400, 600, 1000 en 1500

Juwel poster 2


With its two pale blue underwater images, one on either side, Poster 2 gives you two attractive themes so that you can design your aquarium as you wish. Available in 3 sizes.

Juwel Bioplus Coarse


The Juwel filter sponge coarse serves for the mechanical and biological filtering of your aquarium, making it an essential component of the Juwel filter system. Available in 3 sizes.

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