HS Aqua glass feeding tube


With this glass feeding tube feeding is simple. Easily add all kinds of food on tube top and food sinks directly into glass feeding dish. Available in 25,30,35 and 40cm.

HS-aqua Clear


HS aqua Clear is a binding agent used to clarify aquarium water. Tiny floating particles which are too small for the filter are formed into a clump by HS aqua Clear. The coarser particles which have now formed are suitable for filtration from the water. T

HS-aqua pH/KH Minus


HS aqua pH/KH Minus lowers excessively high pH-and KH-levels in aquariums.

HS-aqua spiderwood twigs


HS-aqua spiderwood twigs. Ideal for aquascaping. Content: 100 or 250 gram.

HS-aqua Chitin+


In order to make new skin, shrimp eat chitin from their old, discarded skin, or cellulose from plant-based materials. HS aqua Crusta Chitin+ is a product made from natural shrimp skin, and helps these animals make new skin.

HS-aqua Bacto Turbo


A new aquarium start-up is always exiting and you would prefer to introduce directly fish into the aquarium. Before HS aqua Bacto Turbo this was not possible because the traditional filter starter bacteria need two weeks to fully develop. 

HS-aqua filter wool white


Polyester fibres specially explored for the filtration of water, guarantee maximum filtration for aquaristic. Available in 100/250 & 500 gram.

HS Aqua CO2 diffuser with bubblecounter


HS Aqua CO2 glass diffuser with bubblecounter built in. Size:3.5*8.5cm

HS Aqua fishing net fine


HS Aqua fishing in 8, 10, 12.5, 15 and 20 centimeter

HS-aqua Ectocell


HS aqua Ectocell is a free veterinary medicine to treat bacterial and protozoan infections on ornamental freshwater fish in aquaria. Content: 20ml. for 800 liter aquarium water.

HS-aqua spirulina wafers


Additional food for freshwater fish. Ideal for plant eaters, catfish and Tanganyika Cichlids. Content: 100/200/400 or 1000 ml.

HS-aqua nature treat tubifex


HS aqua Nature Treat Tubifex FD is a food supplement for carnivorous fish such as tetras, catfish and cichlids. Content: 100 or 200 ml.

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