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Algae wafers


These algae wafers are the ideal food for bottom feeders and are rich in plant materials and spirulina. Suitable for daily use.

Mini wafers spirulina


Complete feed for ornamental herbivorous fish at the bottom of the aquarium in the form of sinking discs. It contains spirulina, spinach and a wide range of other natural ingredients in an optimally balanced ratio of all important substances, especially p

Flake feed basic


The flake feed basic proves particularly useful in multi-species tanks. It can be used for everyday feeding of most popular omnivorous fish.

Garlic tablets


Ingredient-rich sinking tablets with garlic (5%) for the daily feeding of omnivorous fish. Available in 50 and 250ml.

Spirulina granulat


Spirulina granulat is composed of the best plant products and consist for 6% out of spirulina. Suitable for all fish.

Flake feed spirulina 36%


Flake feed with an high content (36%) spirulina. 100% Vegetable feed which enhance colors and contribute to an good growth and health.

HS-aqua freshwater granules XS


Sinking basic food for all tropical fish. Promotes health and colors. For small-medium fish. Content: 100/200/400 or 1000ml.

HS-aqua nature treat daphnia


HS Aqua Nature Treat Daphnia SD is a 100% natural, ballast rich feed and ideally combined with a balanced quality feed. Content: 100 or 200ml.

Flake feed color enhancer


This flake feed is specially composed to enhance the natural coloring of fish and contributes to the good health of the fish.

Spirulina Tablets


Special tablets food containing algae. Contains a minimum of 20% Spirulina algae. Supports natural colouring and general fish health. Available in 50 and 250ml.

Canned Brine Shrimps


Canned Brine Shrimps is a high-quality food based on an innovative feeding concept. Selected, cultivated Artemia were directly preserved in the present can by high-pressure heat sterilization in their own juice. Content: 100 gram.

Flake food Artemia


Complete flake feedstuff for all kinds of tropical and sea fish. The flakes contain over 40 ingredients and are specially enriched with ARTEMIA (min. 50%), finely ground marine crustaceans, molluscs and marine algae.

HS-aqua artemia flakes


HS-aqua artemia flakes is an additional food for all tropical fish. Ideal for carnivorous fish and shrimp. Available in 200, 400 and 1000ml.

HS-aqua nature treat bloodworms


HS aqua Nature Treat Blood Worms FD is an additional food rich in proteins for carnivorous fish like salmonidae, catfish and cichlids. Content: 100 or 200 ml.

Flake food Tubifex


Special flake food for all aquarium fish, water reptiles and vivarium animals. Contains predominantly Tubifex. Does not cloud water.

HS-aqua freshwater granules S


Sinking basic food for all tropical fish. Promotes health and colors. For medium/large fish. Content: 100/200/400 or 1000ml.

Mixed wafers


Mix discs are a complete sinking food for all ornamental fish and shellfish living on the bottom of freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The three mixed types of discs contain astaxanthin, algae, natural carotene and a wide range of natural raw materials

HS-aqua spirulina wafers


Additional food for freshwater fish. Ideal for plant eaters, catfish and Tanganyika Cichlids. Content: 100/200/400 or 1000 ml.

HS-aqua nature treat tubifex


HS aqua Nature Treat Tubifex FD is a food supplement for carnivorous fish such as tetras, catfish and cichlids. Content: 100 or 200 ml.

HS-aqua freshwater flakes


Basic food for all tropical fish. Promotes health and colors. Content: 100/200/400 or 1000ml.

Canned Cyclops


Canned Cyclops is a high-quality food based on an innovative feeding concept. Selected, cultivated cyclops (copepods) of 0.3 - 0.5 mm in size were directly preserved in their own juice by high-pressure heat sterilisation in the present can. Content: 100 g

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