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Bucephalandra sp. 'Red' in pot


Bucephalandra sp. 'Red' does best at lower light levels and is very easy to grow. The leaves are of a very dark green or leathery red colour. Size of leaf is 2-4 cm wide, 4-6 cm long and usually it will present wavy edges.

Echinodorus 'Reni' - In vitro cup


Echinodorus 'Reni' is a well-known cultivar characterised by being amongst the smallest of the red Echinodorus, 15-40 cm tall and a roset from 15-25 wide.

Rotala macrandra - In vitro cup


Rotala macrandra is a wonderful aquarium plant that exhibits a beautiful combination of red and green colors under the right conditions. Gets +- 30 centimeters high.