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Easy-Life Ferro


Easy-Life Ferro contains easily absorbable iron for water plants. Iron is essential for the good development of plant leaves. Iron ensures that the leaves are green thanks to the creation of chlorophyll.

Easy-Life root sticks


The Easy-Life 25 Root Sticks are ideal to feed plants directly at the roots. The product contains 25 pieces of special clay sticks that are very nutritious and have a high iron content.

Tropica Nutrition Capsules


The Nutrient Capsules of Tropica give individual plants extra food at their roots. So you can easily adjust the nutrition per plant as desired.

Easy-Life Kalium


Easy-Life Potassium is an essential macronutrient and and is at least as important as iron!

Dennerle Carbo Elixier Bio

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Carbo Elixier Bio supply all aquarium plants with readily available carbon. This bio variant is based on purely natural ingredients with potassium, iron, manganese and boron.

SL-aqua Bing Tsau Shrimp Tank (ST)


SL-aqua Bing Tsau Shrimp Tank fertilizer is designed for aquarium plants in shrimp tank. It contains major nutrients and minerals that can easily to be absorbed and utilized by plants to accelerate growth and promote root development. Available in 150, 25

VIMI Bottom Action


Vimi bottom action is meant for fast growing plants. The fertilizer has all the elements and substances necessary for plants. When nutrients are supplied for plants only through water, plants can’t assimilate nutrients as effective as it would be if the n



SOLO K – concentrated, liquid potassium fertilizer for freshwater aquarium plants. Potassium in these fertilizers – in inorganic and organic forms which are easily absorbed by plants and bacteria.

VIMI Stimulator


Vimi Stimulator reduces the stress that plant experiences after replanting, stimulates regrowth after trimming, plants become stronger and grow faster.

HS-aqua flora scape macro


HS aqua Flora Scape Macro NPK+ is a plant food with the important macro elements nitrogen (as nitrate), phosphorus (as phosphate) and potassium in the right ratio for optimal plant growth.



SOLO Fe – concentrated, liquid ferrous fertilizers for freshwater aquarium plants. Highlights red and green colors of plants.

Dennerle Daily Fertilizer


Dennerle Daily Fertilizer is a complete fertilizer for magnificant plants in your mini aquarium.



SOLO P – concentrated, liquid phosphorous fertilizers for freshwater aquarium plants.

HS-aqua flora scape micro


HS aqua Flora Scape Micro+ is a highly concentrated supplement of trace elements and important minerals for aquarium plants in freshwater aquariums.

SL-aqua Bing Tsau combination set


The SL-aqua Bing Tsau combination set is a combination of 3 different fertilizers (Shrimp Tank, Mix and Potassium). The ideal set to try out the SL-aqua fertilizers! Completely safe for use in shrimp aquariums. Content: 3x60ml or 3x180ml.

SL-aqua Bing Tsau Mix


SL-aqua Bing Tsau Mix is formulated to promote the growth rate of all aquatic plants; contains Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Iron, Molybdenum and EDTA which can improve the photosynthetic efficiency and root development. Content: 250 or 500 ml.



SOLO N – concentrated, liquid nitrogen fertilizer for freshwater aquarium plants. Nitrogen in these fertilizers – in forms of amides, nitrates and ammonium which are easily absorbed by plants and bacteria.

SL-aqua Bing Tsau nitrogen


Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrition resources required by plants. Nitrogen deficiency will cause yellow leaves and stunted growth. Content: 250ml.

SL-aqua Bing Tsau iron


SL-aqua Bing Tsau iron is an additional macro-nutrient that is mainly used to solve iron deficiency problems. Iron deficiency leads to yellowing of the plant leaves. Content: 250 milliliters.

SL-aqua Bing Tsau carbon


All plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis to generate energy and oxygen. Bing Tsau C is a reliable source of organic carbon for aquarium plants which can replace CO2 injector. Content: 250ml.

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