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SaltyShrimp - Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+


Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH+ contains all the important minerals and trace elements your shrimp need for their well-being, an intensive coloration, successful breeding and healthy growth.

CSF tourmaline mineral balls


Tourmaline balls also contains activated carbon besides all the minerals. This helps keep tank water clean and pure and removes harmful bacteria. Used a lot in shrimp aquaria.

CSF maifan mineral balls


These minerals enhance the activity of aquarium inhabitants by increasing the oxygen concentration in the water. Used a lot in shrimp aquariums.

SaltyShrimp - Shrimp Mineral GH/KH+


Shrimp Mineral GH / KH + from salty shrimp is specially made for creating neutral aquarium water for keeping and breeding (neocaridina) shrimps.

CSF montmorillonite powder


Montmorillonite powder for aquarium water. Montmorillonite removes contaminants, and improves the water quality.

Mironekuton powder 300 gram


Mironekuton minerals improve water quality, increase the ion exchange capacity, and help the plants grow its root formation. Mironekuton powder has direct effect.

Mironekuton stones 300 gram


Mironekuton minerals stabilize the pH and therefore provides protection against dangerous pH decreases. Ideal in combination with pH-lowering substrate.

SaltyShrimp - Sulawesi Mineral 8,5


Sulawesi Mineral 8.5 brings the pH to 8.5 and is used for increasing the hardness of osmosis water, rain water, demineralized water, etc. contains all the essential minerals and trace elements for optimal health, well-being...

SaltyShrimp - Black Water Powder SE/Fulvin+


Black Water Powder is a mix of valuable trace elements, humic and fulvic acids with a variety of beneficial properties for your aquarium and its inhabitants.

Shrimps forever shrimp lolly mineral


The minerals which have been used for these shrimp lolly’s are 100% pure and natural. Consuming small amounts of minerals will support the moult and the shrimps will built up a strong armor.

CSF bee mix


The bee mix of cologne shrimp food has been carefully put together for the crystal red, crystal black and snow white shrimp.

SaltyShrimp - Sulawesi Mineral 7,5


Sulawesi Mineral 7.5 contains all the essential trace minerals for optimal health, welfare and colors for the Sulawesi shrimp. Makes the pH value of the water to 7.5.

CSF snail feed


This food has been developed initially for snails that live in soft/acidic water. You can think of using a water hardness lowering soil, the use of peat, the use of extracts etc.

Shrimps Forever GH+ mineral powder


Shrimps Forever GH+ mineral powder has been specially developed for the remineralization of osmosis / rainwater for Caridina shrimps. Only increases the GH of the water. Content: 90 or 1000 grams.

Shrimps Forever montmorillonite


Shrimps Forever montmorillonite has been specially developed for shrimp aquariums and contains a mix of more than 60 minerals and micro organisms. Has a purifying, color-enhancing effect and supports the moulting. Content: 90 grams.

SaltyShrimp - Easy Filter Powder


Easy Filter Powder is a natural, high-performance filtering powder that enables you to easily make your own liquid filter medium for conditioning and clearing up aquarium water.

Mironekuton powder 150 gram


Mironekuton minerals improve water quality, increase the ion exchange capacity, and help the plants grow its root formation. Mironekuton powder has direct effect.

BorneoWild Minerum

€15,95 €11,95

BorneoWild Minerum contains a rich dose of essential trace elements that helps the shrimp to moult safely and at the same time and strengthens the shell.

BorneoWild Bee Ball

€25,95 €19,50

BorneoWild Bee Ball is a ceramic ball made of Bamboo Charcoal that slow releases anions and minerals. The negatively charged parameter creates refreshing natural environment that vitalises metabolism and bacterium activities.

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