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Air flow controller chrome


Control the flow of vital CO2 or oxygen from your pond aerator or aquarium air pump with this handy air flow controller. Available in 1/2/3/4 and 5 way. Fit 4mm/6mm standard aquarium air line/tubing.

Air hose 4-6mm, 2 meter

€1,40 €0,95

Flexibel transparent 4/6 mm air hose for airpump, airstone, sponge filter. Length: 2 meter.

Air hose 4-6mm, per meter


This transparent aquarium air hose is the standard size that fits on all our sponge filters, air stones, and air pumps.

Airpump Connection Set

€4,95 €2,50

Complete connection set for aquarium air pumps with a throughput of up to 150 l/h. Including: 2 meter air hose 4/6mm, air stone, check valve, splitter, suction cup.

Hose connector 90º 4/6 mm


Strong air hose connector for connecting the air hose 4-6mm in a 90º angle.