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Slate stone L hotel


Perfect for the breeding of Loricariidae species up to 14 cm such as the L134, L201, L316 and the L333. The L hotel is a real eye catcher for your aquarium. The hotel is not only used by the L numbers but also by other tropical fish from the aquarium.

Slate stone triple flat round


The slate stone flat triple round are perfect for growing the larger Loricariidae up to 19 cm such as the L075, L081 and the L128. Perfect for keeping and breeding large groups of Loricariidae. The slate stone flat has a natural finish and has a closed b

Breeding cave Xlarge red


The Xlarge breeding caves are suitable for Loricariidae up to 18 cm such as the L070 and the L264. The breeding caves are open at the front and closed at the back. This breeding cave is made from red terracotta ceramic and is 100% safe for your aquarium.

Tree cave 15 cm


Perfect shelter/ breeding cave for L-numbers up to 16 cm such as the L066, L134, L136, L144 and the L201. The tree caves have been given a beautiful treatment, which makes them look like real wood.