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Ziss CO2 generator


Ziss CO2 ZC-II is the completely new patented carbon dioxide generator by chemical neutralization. CO2 generation speed can be controlled by the speed control valve. If you use our Ziss ZCR-160 generation kit, the amount of CO2 generation is around 160g,

Tropica CO2 set nano


A complete CO2 system with an elegant nano design for precise and stable CO2 regulation.

Easy-Life EasyCarbo


EasyCarbo is an extremely powerful and effective carbon source for aquarium plants. It also actively combats and prevents the growth of algae.

Safety valve 4/6 mm


Diameter: 4/6 mm. Safety valve for air- & CO2-tube

Milwaukee MC122 PRO pH Controller


The MC122 controller automatically monitors and fine-tunes the pH levels. Just set your pH parameters and let the Milwaukee pH Controller do the rest.

Colombo CO2 basic set


The CO2 Basic Set provides a simple solution for adding CO2 to smaller tanks. Fill the diffusor with CO2 from the bottle, through contact with water the CO2 gas is absorbed.

BLAU Glass Drop checker


With this glass BLAU CO2 drop checker you can easily monitor the CO2 content in a planted aquarium. Color of the added CO2 indicator fluid changes when CO2 is not within the desired parameters.

Dennerle CO2 flippers


Dennerle CO2 flippers for effectiviely dissolving of CO2. With integrated bubble-counting function. Available in 4 different models.

Dennerle pH-controller Evolution Deluxe


The pH controller Evolution DeLuxe forms part of Dennerle'stop-of-the-range CO2 control system. It measures the pH value in the aquarium continuously by electronic means and controls the supply of CO2 automatically via a CO2 solenoid valve (CO2 night cut-

Cylinder for Tropica CO2 set nano


Cylinder for Tropica CO2 set nano. Weight is 95 grams and contains 50,000 ml CO2.

Blau CO2 Liquid Indicator


With the BLAU CO2 liquid Indicator you can easily monitor the CO2 content in a planted aquarium. Used in combination with the CO2 Indicator or CO2 Drop Checker.

Dennerle Carbo Power M400


Complete CO2 set with 500 g reusable CO2 bottle and 2 manometers for working pressure and cylinder pressure. For aquariums up to 400 liters.

BLAU CO2 nano set


The BLAU CO2 nano set is for aquarium till approx. 150 liter. The complete set includes a disposable CO2 cartridge + stand, nano regulator, 3-in-1 diffuser and air tube.

Tropica CO2 System Bio


CO2 is the most important nutrient for plants. Without a CO2 supply, the plants will not thrive. CO2 System Bio is a simple solution that adds extra CO2 to the plants in the aquarium. For aquariums up to 60 liter.

HS Aqua CO2 diffuser with bubblecounter


HS Aqua CO2 glass diffuser with bubblecounter built in. Size:3.5*8.5cm

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