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Tropica floraground


Tropica floraground is used as a nutritional depot for the roots of aquatic plants. 100% Safe for shrimp and unable to rot.

Dennerle deponit mix black 10 in 1


Black long-term mineral substrate for all planted aquariums. Specially developed for combination with black gravel. Content: 2,4 -4,8 or 9,6 kilo.

Dennerle NutriBasis 6in1


Dennerle NutriBasis 6in1 brilliant starting conditions for luscious plant growth in any aquarium. Available in 3 different sizes.

Dennerle nano deponit mix


Nano DeponitMix has been developed specifically for the sensitive situation regarding nutrients in mini-aquaria. Content: 1 kilo for 10-20 Liter aquarium size.