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Eheim thermocontrol 300W


This heating element can be easily mounted on the glass by using the suction cups. The aquarium heaters from eheim feature the latest technologies. Suitable for aquariums from 600-1000 liters.

Eheim Thermocontrol E+ 300W (wifi)


The thermocontrol+ e is an adjustable heater with digital control via WLAN. You can set the precise temperature from 18 to 32 °C via smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC. For aquariums of 600-1000 liter.

Eheim Thermocontrol E 300W


With the Eheim thermocontrol-e heating element your fish get the right temperature even more precisely - in every aquarium. For aquariums from 600-1000 liter.

Aquael flow heater 300W


The Flow Heater is the first one featuring a Smart Heating System (SHS) – a smart power adjustment technology. The heater is mounted outside of the aquarium, so it does not take up space inside the tank and gives more freedom in terms of the interior arra