Products tagged with aquarium verwarming 25 watt

Dennerle nano heater compact 25W


The Dennerle Nano Compact heater 25 W is a fully electronic heater for aquaria with one-hand operation and multi-colour LED display. For aquaria from 10-30L.

Aquael ultra heater 25W


The Aquael Ultra Heaters are designed for the aquariums of today. This heater has a power of 25 watts and is suitable for aquariums with 10-25 liters.

Sera aquarium heater 25 W


The newest Sera aquarium heaters are specifically designed for low aquariums. The 25 Watt version is suitable for aquariums from 0-25 liters.

Eheim thermocontrol 25W


This heating element can be easily mounted on the glass by using the suction cups. The aquarium heaters from eheim feature the latest technologies. Suitable for aquariums from 20-25 liters.

Aquael comfort zone fix 25W


The Aquael Comfort Zone Fix are designed for maintaining aquarium water at a constant temperature of 25 degrees Celcius in the Aquarium. For aquariums of 10-25 liters.

Eheim Thermocontrol E 25W


With the Eheim thermocontrol-e heating element your fish get the right temperature even more precisely - in every aquarium. For aquariums up to 25 liter.