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Driftwood is full of good substances (tannins) that helps to prevent bacteria and diseases. Wood also contains a biofilm, which is an important food source for shrimp. Available in 5 different sizes (between 10 and 50 centimeters).

Cholla wood


Cholla wood is great for aquarium shrimp and other invertebrates. Cholla wood is full of natural nutrients.

Trunk Tree


Complete tree-trunk shape piece with roots, it is perfect to create brilliant compositions of emerged or submerge tree forests. Content: 1 piece.

Mopani wood


Mopani wood is wood from Africa. Mopani wood has a nice texture with different colors of wood. Pieces of 15-25 centimeters.



Spiderwood is wood with an rough structure and a natural look. We have 4 different sizes between 20-100 cm.

HS-aqua spiderwood twigs


HS-aqua spiderwood twigs. Ideal for aquascaping. Content: 100 or 250 gram.

Tantora Mineral Liquid GH+

€9,95 €4,95

Content: 60 ml.