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Dennerle Nano cube led style 20 liters set


Complete set including Nano corner filter and nano Style M 6W LED. Perfect for Aquascaping and shrimp breeding.

Aquael shrimp set day & night 20


Aquael Shrimp Set Day & Night 20 is a fully equipped nano aquarium that provides the ideal conditions for plants, shrimps and small fish. Size: 25x25x30

Dennerle Nano cube 20 liters


Dennerle Nano Cube - The original. Nano Aquarium with rouded corners inclusive cover panel, rear panel foil and foam underlay. Perfect for aquascaping and shrimp keeping.

Aquael OptiBent set 20


OptiBent Set 20 is a 20 liter complete well-equipped and designer aquarium set. Its rounded corners allow you to admire the beauty of an underwater arrangement from any angle, and the use of opti type glass adds to the transparency. Color: black.