BOB spongefilter

The double BOB sponge filter is a sponge filter that works with pump. The sponge filter is attached to the glass with suction cups. Output: 170 liters per hour.

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BOB sponge filter

The BOB sponge filter is equipped with a pump that sucks water through the sponges. Therefore the BOB sponge filter will achieve a greater capacity than a sponge filter on air. This has the advantage that more water is filtered and that there is more flow in the aquarium.

The fine sponges used for the BOB sponge filter are 100% safe for shrimps. Filters even the smallest dirt particles from the water.

Rinse before use.


Output: 170 liters per hour
Power Consumption: 3.2 W
Sizes (cm): 24 high, 14 wide, 6.5 deep.

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