Breeding cave large triangle red

These breeding caves are perfect for growing Loricariidae up to 16 cm such as L066, L070, L201, L204 and the L333. The large breeding caves are handmade from red terracotta ceramic and are 100% aquarium safe. Open at the front and closed at the back.

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Breeding caves large triangle red

The red large triangle breeding caves are suitable for species up to a maximum of 16 cm such as the L066, L070, L134, L144, L173, L174, L181, L183, L201, L204, L255, L325, L333 L387, L397, L400 and L411. Our ceramic breeding caves are made from specially selected ceramics which are 100% safe for your aquarium. Open at the front and closed at the back.

These breeding caves are in particular a great success in the breeding of the L070 and the L333.

When breeding L-numbers, we recommend that you use multiple shapes and sizes of breeding caves so that the L-numbers can choose for themselves what they think is best for breeding or for shelter.

The large hollow triangle red caves are suitable for all types of L-numbers up to 16 cm.

Sizes: 15 x 6 x 4.5 cm (length x width x height).

All laying holes are made by hand, so the sizes and color may vary slightly.


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