Shirakura is one of the best known brands when it comes down to shrimp feed and supplements. Shirakura is best known for their Ebi Dama and Chi Ebi shrimp feed. Who chooses Shirakura is sure to get the best natural products of the highest quality.

Shirakura Red Bee Sand


Shirakura Red Bee Sand - substrate (soil) was especially developed for breeding Bee shrimp. This soil is manufactured in a special procedure using different fired earths, and it has the property to permanently lower and stabilize the water parameters of c

Shirakura Chi Ebi


Chi Ebi is dust feed with a lot of key ingredients which small shrimp require in the first few weeks for a good growth. Contents: 20 grams.

ShiraKura Ebi Dama


Shirakura Ebi Dama is a complete feed for shrimps and crayfish. Ebi Dama is a 100% vegetable product. Available in 30 and 80 grams.

Shirakura liquid Mineral Ca+


Shirakura Liquid Mineral Ca+ provides aquarium water with vital minerals and trace elements and increases the total hardness (GH). Strengthens the structure of the shell.