Esha Exit


eSHa EXIT treats all 'Spot' (Ich or Ichthyophthirius, multifiliis) causing parasitic species. Symptoms: white spots
on the body and fins, rubbing and scratching against hard objects. Content: 20ml

Esha 2000


eSHa 2000® treats over 18 symptoms and disease organisms. In 20 and 180ml.

Esha Aqua Quick Test 6 in 1


eSHa Aqua Quick Test - 6 IN 1 Test Strip. Use this multiple test (6 values per strip) for an economical, practical, and user friendly way of determining your water quality (50 strips per tube).

Esha NDX


eSHa -ndx is a levamisole-based roundworm treatment. It works against parasitic nematodes like Camallanus, Capillaria, Pseudocapillaria, Eustrongylides, Oxyuris etc. Content: 20 ml.

Esha Protalon 707


Protalon 707 will eliminate all algae in your aquarium. Unlike other treatments, it does not harm aquarium plants (it actually helps them grow!) and it is safe for fish and filters. Content: 20+10ml.

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