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AquaMaster Tools P160-Pro pH/EC/PPM/TDS/US/Temp

€104,95 €99,95

The updated Combo Pen P160 Pro has been developed further and now features improved software. The major advantage of this model is its analogue EC calibration. This means that the calibration solution does not need to have a temperature of exactly 25 C.

AquaMaster Tools pH 4.01 Calibration Solution


100 ml pH 4.01 Calibration Solution.

AquaMaster Storage Solution KCI


KCI Storage Solution. Traceable to NIST standard. Close immediately after use. Store between 15-25 °C. Do not return liquid. Thoroughly rinse the electrode before and after each use. Pour some KCI storage solution into the electrode's protective cover. Pl

Aquamaster Tools 1413 µS/cm EC Calibration Solution


100 ml EC 1413 Calibration Solution.

AquaMaster Tools Combo Meter 700 Pro pH/EC/Temp

€228,95 €216,95

is ideal for measuring the pH, EC, CF, PPM and temperature of nutrient water for plants and water in swimming pools, jacuzzis and ponds.

AquaMaster Tools P110-Pro PH/EC/Temp


The Combo Pen P110 Pro is ideal for measuring the EC, pH and temperature of liquid plant nutrition and water in swimming pools, Jacuzzis and ponds.

AquaMaster Tools pH 7.00 Calibration Solution


100 ml pH 7.00 Calibration Solution.