Asia aquarium plants

Cryptocoryne parva


Cryptocoryne parva is the smallest of all Cryptocorynes: only 3-6 cm tall and a roset less than 5-8 cm wide. Very recommendable foreground plant.

Eleocharis Acicularis


Eleocharis acicularis is very common and thrives in almost all conditions in an aquarium. An open space without shading from other plants is still preferable. Height: 6-15 cm.

Bucephalandra 'Kedagang' in pot


Bucephalandra 'Kedagang' is characterized by long, narrow, dark green leaves with white dots. The leaf can be 1-2 cm wide and up to 6 cm long.

Bucephalandra sp. 'Red' in pot


Bucephalandra sp. 'Red' does best at lower light levels and is very easy to grow. The leaves are of a very dark green or leathery red colour. Size of leaf is 2-4 cm wide, 4-6 cm long and usually it will present wavy edges.

Bucephalandra sp. 'Wavy Green' in pot


Bucephalandra 'Wavy Green' is an easy, slow-growing plant that prefers lower light levels. A nice, dense appearance is ensured by the willingness to branch, even without trimming. The green leaves are 2 cm wide and 5 cm long with wavy edges. Tiny white sp