Aquael unifilter 750 + UV

The Aquael unifilter 750 is an internal filter for aquariums with a capacity of 200-300 liters. Including automatic aerating and UV lamp for crystal clear water.

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Aquael unifilter 750


The unifilters from Aquael are the ideal solution if you are looking for a good and compact internal filter for your aquarium. These small filters are especially suitable for aquariums with little space.

The Aquael unifilter 750 is an internal filter that is suitable for aquariums with a capacity of 100-200 liters. This filter is equipped with an 'antenna' 'sticking out above the water for automatic aeration of the water. The unifilter 750 converts the waste optimally and ensure your aquarium is always supplied with enough oxygen.

The filter has an additional UV filter. Due to the strong UV light, the water gets 'burnt clean' removing pests, pathogens and algae. Makes water crystal clear.

Please note: Comes with rough sponge. To use this filter in combination with shrimp, we recommend you to use the ''Sponge for Aquael pat mini, turbo and circulator'' and cut it to the right size for this filter.


Output: 750 liters per hour (adjustable)
Suitable for aquariums: 200-300 l
Power Consumption: 8.0 W
Size (w *d*h): 6,7x9,8x30,8 cm

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