Cologne Shrimpfood minerals

Cologne Shrimp Food minerals are minerals of high quality wich bind harmful substances and add essential elements to the water.

CSF tourmaline mineral balls


Tourmaline balls also contains activated carbon besides all the minerals. This helps keep tank water clean and pure and removes harmful bacteria. Used a lot in shrimp aquaria.

CSF maifan mineral balls


These minerals enhance the activity of aquarium inhabitants by increasing the oxygen concentration in the water. Used a lot in shrimp aquariums.

CSF montmorillonite powder


Montmorillonite powder for aquarium water. Montmorillonite removes contaminants, and improves the water quality.

CSF Exclusive Series: Pure Mineral


New from cologne shrimpfood, pure mineral. These minerals are processed into sticks and releases for 3-4 weeks, important minerals and trace elements.