Tantora water treatment products are highly concentrated. This means there is very little need to achieve the desired effects.

Tantora Mineral Liquid GH+ 60 ML


Tantora Liquid Mineral GH + adds important minerals that help shrimp in the molting process and keep their beautiful color.

Tantora Micro Active - 60 ml


Tantora Micro Active contains live bacteria that remove waste from water and bind toxins.

Tantora Humic Black Water - 60 ml


Humic black water consists of humic acid, fulvic acid and other natural acids that are good for shrimp. By using this you can easily mimic natural conditions for shrimp.

Tantora Catappa Essence - 30 ml


Tantora Catappa Essence is a highly concentrated catappa extract. With only a few drops you add enough for your entire tank.