BorneoWild water treatment products

With the water treatment products of BorneoWild, you can keep your aquarium water easily in top condition and add everything your shrimp need for proper health, growth and breeding.

BorneoWild Dance


BorneoWild Dance is a highly concentrated Chitin-based additive made from 100% natural material that promotes breeding, moulting and growth in crystal shrimps.

BorneoWild Enlive


BorneoWild Enlive is a multi-purpose culture of more than 100 types of bacterial in dormant state. It helps to seed a new tank substrate system quickly as well as in new filters when dosed into water directly.

BorneoWild Humic


BorneoWild Humic is an organic, granulated humus conditioner that buffers water at pH 6 - 6.5 and gH 3-4. It is ideal for improving activity, survival ratio and higher success rate of breeding bee shrimps.

BorneoWild Shield


BorneoWild Shield is a natural product that enhances growth, immunity and anti-disease ability. It lowers death rate and even control white spot when used with fishes.