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Monosolenium Tenerum 20 grams / 150cc


(Monosolenium tenerum) is a special type of moss which forms a kind of small leaves. Can grow very dense which creates a lot of hiding places.

Weeping moss 20 grams / 150cc


Weeping moss (Vesicularia ferriei) is a moss species which grows downwards. This moss is therefore ideal to tie on to something or to hide aquarium techniques.

Salvinia natans - In vitro cup


Salvinia natans is a cosmopolitic floating fern, 1-3 cm, that grows quickly if there is sufficient nutrition and light.

Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba' - In vitro cup


The Hemianthus callitrichoides is one of the smallest aquarium plants in the world and crawls on the ground. The leaves are only a few millimeters wide and oval in shape. Gets +- 2-3 centimeters high.

Pogostemon erectus - In vitro cup


Pogostemon erectus is a fast growing aquarium plant that absorbs a lot of waste. Forms strands with narrow leaves. Gets +- 45 centimeters high.

Tropica Plant Growth Premium Fertiliser


Premium Fertiliser without nitrogen and phosphor for aquariums. Contains iron, manganese and vital micro nutrients.

Staurogyne repens - in vitro cup


Staurogyne repens is a fresh green, compact and hardy plant for the foreground of the aquarium.

Tropica floraground


Tropica floraground is used as a nutritional depot for the roots of aquatic plants. 100% Safe for shrimp and unable to rot.

Tropica CO2 system 60


The CO2 system 60 of tropica is the ideal starter set. Adding extra CO2 during daytime stimulates plant growth and prevents algae formation.

Eleocharis acicularis 'Mini' - In vitro cup


Dwarf Needle Grass (Eleocharis acicularis 'Mini') is as the name suggests, a grass plant for the aquarium. Gets +- 5 centimeters high.

Hydrocotyle tripartita - In vitro cup


Hydrocotyle sp."Japan" is characterised by fast, compact growth and small, intense green leaves on vertical stems. Gets +- 5 centimeters high.

Heteranthera zosterifolia - In vitro cup


Heteranthera zosterifolia is an aquarium plant that forms shoots with narrow leaves. Gets +- 35-40 high. Very easy plant.

Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' - In vitro cup


The Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' is an nice red plant that can grow up to +- 35 - 40 centimeters.

Gratiola viscidula - In vitro cup


The Gratiola viscidula is a plant that is very suitable for use in nano aquariums. Gets +- 25 centimeters high.

Utricularia graminifolia - In vitro cup


The Utricularia graminifolia is a small plant which can be used to create mats with. Shall not exceed +- 8 centimeters in length.

Weeping moss - In vitro cup


Weeping moss (Vesicularia ferriei) is a kind moss which hangs in the aquarium. This moss is excellent for binding on wood or stone. 100% safe from an in vitro cup.

Christmas moss - In vitro cup


Christmas moss (Vesicularia montagnei) is a kind moss which forms many side-branches. This moss is excellent for binding on wood or stone but can also be used loose. 100% safe from an in vitro cup.

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