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SL-aqua bacteria for neocaridina/sulawesi shrimp


SL-aqua bacteria for neocaridina / sulawesi shrimp has been specially developed for optimum bacterial management in aquariums with a high acidity (higher than 7.2). This product works very well for Neocaridina and Sulawesi aquariums with a high pH.

SL-aqua vitality


This product contains combination of bacteria and minerals, which are beneficial for aquatic organisms.

SL-aqua More Vegetable


SL-aqua More Vegetable is a fully vegetable shrimp food based on what shrimp eat in their natural environment. This food contains all the necessary nutrients for optimum growth, coloring and breeding.

SL-aqua bacteria for bee shrimp


SL-aqua bacteria for bee shrimp has been specially developed for optimum bacterial management in aquariums with a low acidity (lower than 6.8). For this reason this product works very well for Caridina aquariums with a low pH.

SL-aqua aquavital


SL-aqua aquavital for shrimps is a solution consisting of vitamins, amino acids and macro elements that helps to keep your shrimps healthy, supports breeding and increases the survival rate of young shrimps. Content: 250 milliliters.

SL-aqua complete package

€38,80 €32,50

The SL-aqua complete shrimp food package contains 1x 30 grams of snowflakes, 1x 30 grams of vegetable, 1x 30 grams of meat and 1x 30 grams of white. With this complete package you can easily try all shrimp food from SL-aqua at a cheaper price.

SL-aqua purify


SL-aqua purify contains various bacterial strains for the conversion of waste materials such as ammonia (NH3) ammonium (NH4) and nitrite (NO2). Purify can be used with all water values and is completely harmless to all animals and plants.

SL-aqua Stabilizer


SL-aqua Stabilizer ensures the neutralization and removal of chlorine and heavy metals from aquarium water. These are harmful substances that can be dangerous / deadly for shrimp at certain concentrations. Available in 250 and 500 milliliters.

SL-aqua More White


SL-aqua More White is a complete shrimp food that consists of a mix of vegetable and animal ingredients. This food contains calcium and chitin to optimally support molting and maintaining a strong shell.

SL-aqua More Meat


SL-aqua More Meat is a complete shrimp food and contains mainly animal ingredients. These high-quality ingredients are very high in nutrients, proteins and amino acids and ensure optimum growth, color and breeding.

SL-aqua TM-1 Nutrient Solution


This product is a complex nutrient solution, containing a variety of rich trace elements. Shrimps need these elements in a small amount and are not sufficient available in our drinking water.