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Aquamax cinnamon sticks


Aquamax cinnamon sticks are used in aquariums for their antibacterial effects. Available in two sizes: Nano and normal.

Banana leaves


The banana leaves we sell are 100% natural, untreated and entirely manually processed. Banana leaves have disease resistant properties and even can be used for healing purposes.

Catappa bark round budget


Large pieces of round catappa bark. These pieces are much larger and heavier than the round catappa bark of tantora. +- 13 cm long and +- 2,5 cm in diameter. Thick bark!

Catappa leaf tea bags 10 pcs


These catappa leaf tea bags have all the benefits of catappa leaves, without the organic waste from the leaves themselves. 2 sizes available.

Catappa leaves 12-18cm


Cattapa leaves (also known as Ketapang-, almond-, Terminalia- or sea almondtree leaves) have been taken from the Sea Almondtree. These leaves are A-rated quality!

Cholla wood


Cholla wood is great for aquarium shrimp and other invertebrates. Cholla wood is full of natural nutrients.

CSF Exclusive Series: Pure Mineral


New from cologne shrimpfood, pure mineral. These minerals are processed into sticks and releases for 3-4 weeks, important minerals and trace elements.

CSF walnut leaf sticks


The walnut leaf food sticks of cologne shrimpfood are very healthy food for shrimp and have an antibacterial function. Shrimps love it! Ziplock bag with 25 grams.

Dirftwood with Java fern

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Driftwood +- 25-30 centimeters with Java fern (windelov). 100% safe and can immediately be placed in the aquarium.

Driftwood with Anubias


Driftwood +- 20 centimeters with Anubias. 100% safe and can immediately be placed in the aquarium.

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