Cologne Shrimp food has been producing high quality natural food for shrimp and other invertebrates for years. It is a company that is based in Keulen The motto of the company is: Nature still does it best. The assortment Cologne Shrimp food mainly consists of natural products.

Cologne Shrimpfood is available in several sizes. Click on the product in order to choose a different size.

CSF starter package


This package allows you to try the high quality shrimp feed of cologne shrimpfood in an easy way. You will receive 4 x 10 grams of shrimp feed in resealable containers.

CSF Edge omnia pro complete


Complete food for all aquarium shrimp.The main components of the feed are nettle, spinach, seaweed, walnut leaves and pollen.

CSF bee mix


The bee mix of cologne shrimp food has been carefully put together for the crystal red, crystal black and snow white shrimp.

CSF Macro Pro


Macro pro of cologne shrimpfood is rich in plant and animal proteins. These proteins can also be found in the natural food of the shrimps. Proteins are the basis of all living cells and therefore essential!

CSF Tai Mix


The food sticks from cologne shrimp food are specially made for the taiwan bee shrimp. 100% quality shrimp food.

CSF Nettle+ sticks


Now all the goodness of pure nettle and pure pepper in one stick. The food sticks from Cologne Shrimp Foods for shrimp and crayfish stimulate health and skin changing.

CSF Bee Fruit mix


Shrimps need a healthy and varied diet. The bee shrimp fruit mix of cologne shrimpfood is a mix of different fruits, leaves, grains, proteins and algae.

CSF walnut leaf sticks


The walnut leaf food sticks of cologne shrimpfood are very healthy food for shrimp and have an antibacterial function. Shrimps love it! Ziplock bag with 25 grams.

CSF mulberry+ sticks


The sticks contain easily digestable substances which benefits the growth and vitality. Mulberry sticks are rich in calcium, potassium, iron and a number of important vitamins.

CSF berg power mix


These food sticks are made from the best ingredients that are found in the Alps. Therefore these sticks contain the purest and cleanest ingredients.

CSF hokkaido (pumpkin)


Hokkaido (pumpkin) sticks are rich in vitamins and trace elements. Strengthens the splendid colours and vitality.

CSF snail feed


This food has been developed initially for snails that live in soft/acidic water. You can think of using a water hardness lowering soil, the use of peat, the use of extracts etc.

CSF Blütenpollen


These blütenpollen of cologne shrimpfood are of the purest quality and come from many different flowers, gathered by bees.

CSF Power Protein


This feed is specially designed for all types of shrimp. Protein is the building blocks for all living cells. This makes sure that your shrimp can grow well and healthy.

CSF spinach powder


Spinach is rich in trace elements and vitamins. This makes spinach powder the ideal food for (young) shrimp. Content: 25 grams.

CSF nettle powder


Nettle is high in silicates and thereby helps shrimps and crayfish change their skin. The fine powder form easily spreads through the whole aquarium.