We offer the complete line of shrimp feed of BorneoWild. This feed is top quality shrimp feed that support shrimp in good health, growth, and breeding.

BorneoWild Grow


BorneoWild Grow is a complete quality shrimp feed and is rich in several vitamins and chlorella. Available in 50 grams.

BorneoWild Color


Borneowild Color is a feed for shrimp that is rich in various kinds of essential minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, amino acids, nucleic acid, cysteine peptide and spirulina. It improves color and enhances the panser of shrimp.

BorneoWild Bebi


Borneowild Bebi is a specially formulated food for newborn and young shrimp. This food improves the digestive system by stimulating the good intestinal flora.

BorneoWild Spinach

€14,95 €12,95

Through this feed comes a high dosage of Chlorophyll acids and Antioxidants in the digestive system and this helps improve the immune system.

BorneoWild Barley


BorneoWild Barley is a great shrimp food supplement. Uneaten portions of Barley help improve bacterial activity, it provides a pH stabilization and helps against algae formation.

BorneoWild Beanee


BorneoWild Beanee is a supplementary fibrous feed, high in calcium that provides high energy, supports in growth, immunity and shell development of shrimps.

BorneoWild Frenzy

€14,95 €12,95

The delicacy / treat for your shrimp. This treat is made from biological resources and very tasting for shrimp.

BorneoWild Pumpkin

€17,95 €16,95

BorneoWild pumpkin is shrimp feed made from 100% hokkaido pumpkin. This pumpkin is rich in nutrients and minerals, and thereby support the growth and natural coloring of shrimp.

BorneoWild Floral mix

€14,95 €12,95

BorneoWild Floral mix is made up of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that shrimp do not get in their daily feed. Ideal as a supplementary feed.

BorneoWild Bee Pollen


BorneoWild bee pollen are dreated from the coffee and tea flowers. Bee Pollen is a very valuable food supplement. It contains in its composition more than 250 different organic compounds.