Onlineaquariumspullen and the corona virus

The coronavirus affects us all. We would like to inform you about the consequences for Onlineaquariumspullen & by means of this informative message.

- We are healthy and take extra hygiene measures within the company. For example, we follow the advice of RIVM and ensure a hygienic working environment that is cleaned more often than usual. We wash our hands several times a day and ensure that we pack the items in a responsible manner.

- Please note that there is no reason to assume that the coronavirus spreads through postal items and packages! According to the RIVM "" a virus always needs a human or animal to "stay alive" and to be able to share. " Therefore no worries are needed.

- At the moment we are still working according to schedule and we are just open. The shipments are delivered daily to postNL (which they may or may not deliver) with a delay until now.

- Orders that are sent to our Belgian customers currently require some extra attention from the Belgian customer. Since most parcel points are closed in Belgium, a shipment is checked! failed delivery attempt immediately return. We therefore ask you to take care of the receipt when you order something in Belgium. In the Netherlands, the package points are still open and everything is still running '' normally ''.

- Of course we also try to make contact with people as much as possible, but this is not always possible. If you want to pick up a shipment, this is still possible if you make clear in advance when and what time you want to come. When you are on location we do not shake hands and we always ask to keep at least 1.5 meters away.

- If there are updates that affect the making / sending of orders, we will post them on the website and on Facebook.

We wish everyone the best in this crazy time! We do beat the coronavirus together, stay safe, stay home!