Filtermedia for Eheim Classic 150

Filtermedia voor Eheim Classic 150: coarse filter pads, fine filter pads or active carbon pad s

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Filter media for Eheim 150

Fine and coarse filter pads for mechanical and biological filtration 

The porous material becomes evenly soaked with water and traps large and small dirt particles. After a short start-up period purification bacteria, which provide intensive biological decomposition of harmful substances, colonise the specially structured foam. 

The fine and coarse filter pads are reusable many times over. To clean them simply rinse and squeeze out, so that the bacteria cultures are not completely destroyed.  

  • Porous material traps large and small dirt particles 
  • Good colonisation conditions for bacteria cultures
  • Reusable several times over
  • To clean just rinse and squeeze out

Fine: 3 pieces
Coarse: 2 pieces

The carbon pads are excellent for absorptive filtration to eliminate toxins from your tank.

Content: 3 pieces

Fine and coarse filter pads are packed by 2 pieces.
Carbon pads are packed by 3 pieces

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