BLAU Mini Lumina 40

The Blau Mini Lumina 40 centimeter is a 7.000 ° K LED light equipped with a 2 channel dimmer with 5 dimming levels. This lamp is suitable for aquariums of 40-45 cm, but can be placed on aquariums of 40-70cm.

Article number: 33.6.4
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BLAU Mini Lumina 40 Fresh Water

The Blau Mini Lumina 40 centimeter is a 7.000 ° K LED light for fresh water aquariums. This lamp ensures that aquarium plants receive sufficient light for growth and coloring and that animals in the aquarium are beautifully illuminated.

The lamp is equipped with a 2 channel dimmer. As a result, the 48 LEDs in total are divided and controlled into 2 groups of 24. The groups can be switched on / off separately and the light intensity can be controlled per group. Moreover, thanks to the memory function, the dimmer remembers the selected intensity, even if the lighting is switched off.

The lamp has a delicate design and anodized aluminium body. The lamp fits perfect above aquariums of 40-45cm, but can be placed above aquariums up to 70 centimeters due to the extendable brackets. In addition, the lamp can be adjusted in height, so that it can be placed from 5 to 16 cm above the aquarium.


  • flat and stylish design
  • energy saving LED technology (40 * 7.000 ° K white & 8 * 650nm red)
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • 24W of LED light
  • 30.000 hrs lifespan
  • 7.000 ° K LED with red 650nm
  • extendable brackets
  • for aquariums up to 7mm of glass thickness
  • LEDs in circular distribution for a best colour mix and fullest light extension.


Roland van der A 15-05-2023 19:59

Mooie lamp.

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