Aquarium tools

Aquarium tools should be owned by every aquarist. With aquarium tools the maintenance of your aquarium plants will take less time and maintenance will be a lot easier.
Our aquarium tools are all made of stainless steel. This means that the tools have a very long lifetime.

Stainless Wave plant scissors


This beautiful stainless steel scissors is known under the name wave scissors. This wave form is not without reason. You will find that the scissors will cut in a completely different way and angle. 23,5 centimeter in length.

Stainless Spring plant scissors


One of the most typical aquarium scissors is surely the spring scissor. The idea behind the spring is that you can cut without much ease. 16 centimeters long.

Stainless Precision Tweezers


The stainless steel precision tweezers are designed for precision work. You can use these tweezers to reach the difficult spots with more control over the tweezers. 20 centimeters long.

Stainless Sand Flatner


The stainless steel sand Flatner does what its name says, make sand flat. You can use the broad side to bring sand and gravel back as you had intended. Available in 20, 27 and 31.8 centimeters.

Stainless algae remover


Who says you can not remove algae in style? This stainless steel algae remover will help remove all algae on your glass without couching scratches. 30 to 60 centimeters long.