AquaLighter 1 - 75 cm

The AquaLighter 1 - 75 cm is suitable for aquariums with a length of 75 to 97 cm. The AquaLighter 1 comes with mounting brackets for use on the glass / mounting in the light cover. Power consumption: 28 Watt. Light strength: 2790 lumens.

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Aqualighter 1 - 75cm 


The AquaLighter 1 - 75 cm is suitable for aquariums with a length of 75 to 97 cm. This powerful aquarium lighting is made of high-quality LED’s from the brand OSRAM (Germany) which flawless operate up to 50.000 hours with a low power consumption. Integrating these super-bright LEDs into a narrow, thin housing creates a beautiful design lamp that is an asset to any aquarium.

Thanks to the powerful LEDs, plant growth and coloration in the aquarium is optimally supported. The high-quality LEDs convert almost all energy into light, so that virtually no energy is lost, for example, from heat. This creates a powerful lamp that contributes to the optimum biological balance in the aquarium.

The LEDs have a color temperature of 5000-7000 Kelvin which corresponds to natural lighting. As a result, the lamp contributes to a natural appearance of the aquarium. This natural light also ensures enhancement of the natural colors of the animals that live in the aquarium.

This lamp is extremely easy to mount and use. The lamp is powered by DC driver with a 48V safe voltage supply.


For aquariums of: 75-97 cm

Power usage: 28W

Color temperature: 5000-7000 Kelvin

Light strength: 2790 Lumen

Size in mm (l*w*h): 770x41x7,5

For glass thickness up to: 12mm

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